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Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Schiffman teaching


I have been giving Shiurim, lectures, and classes on a consistent basis, both online and in-person for close to fifteen years.  While I adapt my content and style based on the forum, my main goal while speaking is to be clear, organized, and engaging, and to be substantive and source-based.

I like to engage the mind with deep ideas and well-thought out structures, while simultaneously speaking to the heart by focusing on topics that are value-based, relevant, and practical.

Topics can be Torah-based, psychology-based, or a mixture of both, and I speak to both lay and professional audiences. I have spoken for organizations such as Yeshiva University, Kingsway Jewish Center, Orthodox Union, Nefesh International, Association of Orthodox Jewish Psychologists, amongst others.

For sample topics, see the Yeshiva University Speaker's Bureau Website, embedded below.

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